SATYAMANDIR (The temple of Eternal Truth)                             Click Here to see in Hindi

The real incarnation of the equality of all religions,
The coordinator of religion and science.

The great social reformer, Revered Swami Satyabhakt Ji ,conducted thorough research into all the current languages and created a scientifically perfect and linguistically the simplest human language, “Man Echo”. “Satyar” is a word of this language, which means “a place which inspires truth”. Satya Samaj`s -The Truth Society’s-The Institute of Equality of all Religions is called as “Satyar” in an orthodox manner. It is also known as Satya Mandir or “The Temple of Eternal Truth”.

In “Satyar” Temple , God Truth and Goddess of Non-Violence or Peace are established on the same altar. Their duality is worshipped here.

Besides the above, God Ramchandra-the Upholder of Eternal Values, the Perfect Yogi -Lord Krishna,Jain religious Guru-Tirathankar Mahavir Swami, Mahatma Buddha ,Lord Jesus Christ, Hazrat Mohammed, Zoroaster - the inspirer of populating the world, Confucius,

Protector of the Downtrodden and Communist Revolutionary-Karl Marx, and others stand here on the same pedestal. The doors of this temple are open to all human beings. In the fields of science and technology , the human relations are cordial and the world has become a global village. In the field of religion also same kind of cordiality should prevail-that is the objective of establishing “Satyar” Temple. By visiting “Satyar”, one earns as much religious merit (Punya) as by visiting all the religious places and all the places of pilgrimage. You can also earn great religious merit (Punya) by participating in establishing and constructing it.

 Latest News
Food Camp to be held in Wardha from 3rd March until 11th March 2012 to provide free meals to the needy. This is to coincide with Pujya Bapu`s Ram Katha in Wardha (Maharastra) India.

Medical Prosthetics Camp to provide free artificial limbs to those who have lost them. In association with Parmarth Ni ketan & Jaipur foot, to be held from 15th March until 20th March 2012 at the Parmarth Ashram in Rishikesh (Himalayas) India in the presence of Pujya Muniji .

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